Growing up, I dreamed of pursing a creative profession. I had a love for Indian culture and the vibrant colors and patterns of Indian art, fashion, and design. That love shaped my unique worldview and enhanced my creativity. From my own imagination, I was always drawing or painting. As I grew up, I went on to pursue my bachelor’s degree in business at Southwestern University in Georgetown, and continued my education and earned degree in in Graphic Design at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco.  As a designer, I love to marry the practical needs of a business with the creative process of design. I now use the critical thinking and problem solving skills that my business degree taught me with the creative skills that come with studying design to be a well-rounded graphic designer. 

  Through my past experiences at Charlotte Russe, as a Social Media Coordinator, and Freelancing as a Graphic Designer for various companies, I have developed a diverse set of skills, from planning, styling, editing photography to designing packaging, signage, hangtags, and social media content. 

  I’m a hardworking and driven individual with a passion for creating illustrative graphic designs and gifs. My passion is summed up by my belief that all people should see the world differently because we all come from diverse backgrounds and cultures that should be embraced. My love of Indian culture inspires my integration of vibrant colors and patterns in my work and influences my perspective on design. I believe that different perspectives create great design, and people shouldn’t be afraid to see things differently.